Inspiration at The Eden Project, Cornwall

Hello! It's been a while again, but I thought I'd pop in to say hey and share some of my photos from visiting The Eden Project over Easter Weekend. Plants, nature and florals play a big part in Olive and Bramble so naturally I was super excited to explore and find new colours, shapes and plant types to come home and paint and Eden didn't disappoint. 


I saw these gorgeous yellow tropical flowers and I thought they would look amazing as a wedding invite illustration, the simplicity of the shapes and bright pop of yellow would be perfect for a spring or summer big day

The Eden project

And this perfect pink and green combination is the perfect inspiration for a tropical themed bespoke order that I'm working on at the moment...


The Eden project

And obviously I was already plotting a Foraged Foliage style design but with Banana plant leaves, what do you reckon?



Photo 01-04-2018, 11 05 03.jpg

I highly recommend a visit to anyone who loves exploring nature or searching for some leafy inspiration. The information there is so vast and visually it is one of the most beautiful gardens I have visited in the UK, well worth a trip for fellow plant lovers out there! 


Brush lettered wrapping paper

Hello... it's a been a while. It's been busy at Olive and Bramble HQ working on lots of lovely bespoke orders and also orders from our ready designed collections which you can see here. We've also been painting and designing two new collections for our first birthday on Wednesday which just happens to be Valentines day. So with the big day of love fast approaching I thought I'd make a brush lettered wrapping paper for you guys to download. This hand lettered wrap is the perfect touch to wrap any gifts for your loved one or your gal pals for Galentines! 


The wrap makes quite a statement so I just added a some simple ribbon and string with a few Lisianthus as I can never resist adding a floral or sprig of foliage to a present. 

brush_lettered_wrapping_paper1 copy.jpg

 I printed the wrap you can see in these pictures using a normal printer on standard printer paper, you don't want to use paper that is any thicker than 100GSM else the paper will be too thick to fold and bend. I would just say use your normal printing paper. 


You just need to pop your email address below and you'll see the link to grab the wrap, you will see both the blush pink and monochrome designs, if you have any problems pop me an email on I would love to see any presents that you wrap using it, tag me on instagram so I can have a peek! Enjoy...





How to make mini winter wreaths

I posted these simple wax flower wreaths on Instagram the other day and lots of people asked how they were made so I thought I'd pop a quick tutorial below. They are a perfect way to pretty up your place names and add a bit of a rustic touch to your big day... 

Wax flower place name DIY

Wreath place names


You will need: Wax flower, feathers, thistle, floristry wire, dried wheat, mini pegs & name tags. (We offer a bespoke lettering service where we can hand letter each of your place names, pop us an email if you'd like to chat about these) 

wreath step 1

Wax flowers are lovely to work with as they are so flexible you can bend them into a circular shape in whatever size suits you. If you want a more uniformed look for the wreaths you could always create the same size circles with wire and then wrap the wax flowers around them however I was happy to create these by eye.

Photo 19-11-2017, 12 08 55.jpg

You can secure the wreath as you go using the florist wire to wrap around the wax flower.

wreath step 2

Another great thing about wax flowers is they will dry out rather than just wilt and die meaning you can make these in advance without worrying that you'll have wilted wreaths on your hands.

wreath step 4

Add thistles, feathers and dried wheat using the same method as the wax flower. Simply twist the floristry wire round them to secure. You can then add each of the name tags by pegging them to the wreaths. 

finished wreath


The finished wreaths! Super simple and could be adapted to your theme using other foliage or flowers. I would love to know what you thought of this idea and if it's something you'd like to see more of...Come over and say hi on instagram @oliveandbramble or pop a comment below and if you have any questions you can email me 

October at Olive & Bramble HQ

An October update from Olive & Bramble HQ from our ears and eyes...

Listening to

In recent months I have been listening to podcasts and really getting into the flow of working whilst listening. It took a while to get used to as I had a tendency to sit with a tea listening, before realising I hadn't done any work for about ten minutes. My current favourites are:

  • Badass Womens Hour - Hosted by Harriet Minter, Natalie Campbell and Emma Sexton. This never fails to make me laugh, the discussion is always interesting, funny and centred around current news. 
  • How to curate your life - Hosted by Lizzie Evans, this is a fairly new podcast but I am hooked already. Each week Lizzie chats to a creative individual about curating their work and life in creative harmony. I'm excited for the future episodes. 

Looking at

Since we relocated back to the New Forest I have been surrounded by inspiration. There are forest walks within 10 minutes of our house and there is one place that I LOVE to go in particular, Gilberts Garden centre. Now it's every bit of a normal garden centre serving nice cakes and tea but then there is the beautiful dahlia garden. Rows and rows of gorgeous dahlias to admire and they're always selling beautiful bunches which I haven't been able to walk past without picking up each time I have visited. Usually followed by a bit of foraging before playing around with arranging them..


Let me know if there's any other good creative podcasts to listen to, you can pop it in the comments section or head over and find me on instagram

Wrap it up

Hello, it has been a busy few months at Olive & Bramble HQ. We have relocated to the beautiful New Forest and finding lots of new inspiration for new collections and bespoke designs. After lots of people seemed to love the previous post with the free brush lettering download I thought I would whip up another treat for you, especially if you're a soon to be Bride or Groom.


I spent this morning brush lettering different phrases that I thought would make a lovely wrapping paper design for you to give to your loved one and ''with all my heart'' seemed just perfect. I have designed it at A4 which will wrap small gifts such as jewellery, a small book or chocolates however if you have something bigger you can size it up to print at A3. It is the perfect design to give a loving touch to your wrapping and you can add ribbons and flowers, I think I have mentioned before I love dahlias and cosmos so thought I would pop them on to show on you can add some colour to the monochrome design and using flowers that are going to be included on the big day would be a lovely touch. 

If you're already married, perhaps engaged but not set the date or you just really flippin love someone then why not use the wrap to make a birthday, anniversary or valentines (if you're super organised) just that little bit more special. I printed the wrap you can see in these pictures using a normal printer on standard printer paper, you don't want to use paper that is any thicker than 100GSM else the paper will be too thick to fold and bend. I would just say use your normal printing paper. 

You just need to pop your email address below and you'll see the link to grab the design, if you have any problems pop me an email on I would love to see any presents that you wrap using it, tag me on instagram so I can have a peek! Enjoy...

How to make flower seed favours

Hello! I thought I'd do a little DIY favour idea that is super easy but also lovely, I know flower seed favours are no new thing but I thought I would show you how you can do them on a budget and also give you a free download which might help adorn your lovely packets.

Simple flower seed favour DIY



As you can see I actually used Wilko's own brand flower seeds, I have info from a reliable source that even though they are lower down the price range of seeds they are just as good as some of the higher end brands. Also like I said I wanted to do an affordable idea and the packs will easily supply 3 favours each. It would be a sweet idea to use flower seeds of the flowers that are used for bouquets and in the venue to give it a more personal touch, I used sweet peas and dahlias as they are some of my favourites (would definitely be in my bouquet).


I lettered on to each mini recycled cotton envelope (which I got in a pack of 10 from paper chase) the name of the flower seed, I think it's nice to let people know what exactly you're suggesting they plant, as the packet won't be in the envelope. You could simply write the flower names on to each one or print out little stickers. 

Fill each envelope with a few seeds, as I said the packets are quite full from Wilko so should go far if you're making quite a few favours, Make sure you washi tape the envelopes and they are secure as you don't want pesky seeds escaping.

Now you can begin writing onto the larger envelopes ready for them to be filled with the mini seed packets.

Adding on the personal details of your day is a nice touch on the envelopes.

And voila, the cutest flower seed favours! I know you're probably eye rolling thinking 'it's not that easy to brush letter the envelopes' and I agree, trust me it's taken years for me to be able to write like that as if its just my hand writing. So I popped  the ''Let love grow'' lettering as a download below for you, you just need to pop in your email address and a clickable link will appear with your download. You are welcome to print it off and practice or use it to trace onto your envelopes.  If you're still not feeling confident I do offer calligraphy services so just pop me an email and we can have a chat about your ideas. 

Inspired by florals

Whenever people ask me what I’m inspired by and I say nature, I feel as though it’s a bit of a broad answer, as its quite an obvious inspiration throughout my work. However the thing is, nature, especially foliage and flowers, really are an inspiration for all of my work, including the designs I create for Olive & Bramble.

Today I was talking to my friends about baby names as two of them are pregnant and I said ‘Oh I wish I was called Flossie, that’s what my mum calls me.’ She really does, and that’s because when I was a baby I had bright white super thick hair - very similar to the barnet I’m sporting these days actually - and she thought I looked like I had candy floss hair. Anyway, after mentioning this to my friends we found out that Flossie is a Latin baby name and means ‘The mythological Roman goddess of flowers’. Now I 100% wish that was my name! I'm one of those people who will happily buy themselves flowers once a week to brighten up my home and inspire me. If I'm working on a bespoke design which involves flowers I will do my best to source those specific blooms so I can really explore the colours and movements of the flower, that definitely sounds a like an excuse for constantly buying different bouquets but I promise its true.

Whilst the first three collections were based more around foliage and botanical greens, I'm looking forward to shooting the new floral collections next week. Because I can’t show you those yet I thought I would share some of my favourite floral arrangements I have put together recently. I’m no professional, I just love to play and experiment with arranging them and hope to take my passion further this year (watch this space).

A hand tied bouquet from a workshop day at Common Farm Flowers, would definitely recommend this workshop as a treat…

Common Farm flowers arrangement

My bouquet arrangement from the Bloom & Wild x Boden spring tour, loved this 1-hour workshop on the Boden bus…

Bloom and Wild Boden flowers

More bouquet practice for Mothers day…


I wouldn’t like to choose a favourite flower as I think it all depends on the circumstances but I do love giant dahlias, sweet peas, cosmos, ranuculus and wild daisies, all mixed with wild foliage of course. What’s your favourite flower, I’d love to know?








Introducing...Cherry Blossom

Hello again! This week has been full of orders from our Foraged foliage collection and it seems to be a firm favourite amongst brides and grooms to be. I  have also been continuing to work on bespoke custom designs which has meant lots of walks with Reggie (our sausage dog) for inspiration and of course a few trips to the florist. I'm really enjoying the lighter evenings, warmer weather, and the trees being full of gorgeous blossom so just couldn't resist having a branch of inspiration opposite my desk.  

Which also brings me to our brand new collection, Cherry Blossom. The first fully floral design with hand painted cherry blossoms, buds and foliage.  The Save the date features a full blossom wreath whilst the main invite has wild blossom framing the text. You can see the full collection here


These designs were painted using Gouache paints which I have found a new love of working with. For years I have been a watercolour painter, happily spreading water and adding paint to the page to create florals and foliage, however I was gifted a pack of Gouache paints for my birthday. Since then I have loved working with a thicker consistency which you can also work over adding extra details without fear of over blending. I'm not going to say I am fully converted but they're definitely my go-to choice of paint at the moment. Anyway thanks again for popping over for a read and let me know what you think of our newest collection below or over on instagram.

How to make flower petal confetti

It has been a busy first month for Olive and Bramble and I couldn't be happier painting and designing away. It has been lovely to work on a variety of themes from different couples and create stationery for their big days. It also gives me the perfect excuse to be constantly updating my (quite large) vase collection with gorgeous blooms and foliage for inspiration, which brings me to this quick tip for flowers past their time... Real petal confetti. Perfect for the big day and with this technique you don't need to wait weeks for them to dry out...

Petal Confetti


Once the flowers have begun to wilt you can gently pick the petals off, I used a mix of bright and paler colours here as I love the contrast of the yellow against the shades of pink but its totally up to you how many colours and variations in size you use.


petal confetti diy step2

You will then need to cover a microwavable plate with tissue, this stops the petals sticking to the plate when heated. Pop the petals onto the tissue ideally spacing them out to avoid them sticking to each other. Microwave for 1 minute before turning the petals over a microwaving for another minute, you will be able to see the petals drying out as they will start to brown.

petal confetti diy step3

And here's the finished result above, perfect dried petals in a couple of minutes. A great idea for some last minute confetti or if you are super organised you could start a couple of months before so you have thousands of beautifully dried petals for the big day. 

Let me know what you think, is it something you would try for your big day? Or come say hi over on instagram, I have been sharing lots of my floral and foliage inspiration over there and I am so excited to see lots of signs of spring on my morning walks with reggie, bring on the brighter evenings and spring florals! 

A little hello and a DIY place card for your big day...

I thought it was about time I plucked up the courage to publish the first blog post on here. Mainly so I could introduce myself a little more, the face behind the painting and flowers but also so I could then counteract that useless information with a easy place name DIY for your big day. This blog is going to be a space I share my inspiration for new collections (which I'm working on already- can you believe it?), my process of designing bespoke stationery sets and any quick DIY ideas I have that might be useful for your big day like this one. 

So I'm Becki, the creator of Olive & Bramble and if you've read my 'about me' section you'll know I am a trained designer & illustrator with a passion for florals and nature, from arranging twigs and leaves to make an autumnal arrangement or painting whimsical foliage and florals. And if you're my friend you'll know I enjoy hip hop music, carrot cake, a good striped top and a bottle of prosecco, my boyfriend actually calls me proseccy Becki and I had to buy an Xbox just so I could play Rapstar so the obsessions are real. And the other thing you should know is my no means do I think I'm a writer, but I do think that you might enjoy seeing my process, thoughts, inspiration and ideas...

Simple wreath place card DIY

Materials: Eucalyptus, wire, sharp scissors, twine or ribbon, name tags (These hand lettered ones are available to buy from us with each name hand written, just pop over  here .   (quantities dependant on how many wreaths you are making)

Materials: Eucalyptus, wire, sharp scissors, twine or ribbon, name tags (These hand lettered ones are available to buy from us with each name hand written, just pop over here(quantities dependant on how many wreaths you are making)

Begin with making a circle out of the wire that fits around your name tag. Don't worry if it's a bit wonky as the eucalyptus will cover this. 

easy wreath diy

Wrap eucalyptus around the wire weaving it in between using a small amount of wire at the end of each sprig to attach it to the main circle.


Continue to wrap and secure the eucalyptus around the wire.


Once you have covered the wire making the wreath as simple or full as you'd like, you need to thread the twine or ribbon through the name tag.

Tie the twine tightly- this will give you the ends to either tie onto the back of chairs and hang, or place delicately on napkins on the table. 

The finished wreath! Super simple and could be adapted to your theme using other foliage or delicate florals to weave around the wire. I would love to know what you thought of this idea and if it's something you'd like to see more of...Come over and say hi on instagram @oliveandbramble or pop a comment below and if you have any questions you can email me