October at Olive & Bramble HQ

An October update from Olive & Bramble HQ from our ears and eyes...

Listening to

In recent months I have been listening to podcasts and really getting into the flow of working whilst listening. It took a while to get used to as I had a tendency to sit with a tea listening, before realising I hadn't done any work for about ten minutes. My current favourites are:

  • Badass Womens Hour - Hosted by Harriet Minter, Natalie Campbell and Emma Sexton. This never fails to make me laugh, the discussion is always interesting, funny and centred around current news. 
  • How to curate your life - Hosted by Lizzie Evans, this is a fairly new podcast but I am hooked already. Each week Lizzie chats to a creative individual about curating their work and life in creative harmony. I'm excited for the future episodes. 

Looking at

Since we relocated back to the New Forest I have been surrounded by inspiration. There are forest walks within 10 minutes of our house and there is one place that I LOVE to go in particular, Gilberts Garden centre. Now it's every bit of a normal garden centre serving nice cakes and tea but then there is the beautiful dahlia garden. Rows and rows of gorgeous dahlias to admire and they're always selling beautiful bunches which I haven't been able to walk past without picking up each time I have visited. Usually followed by a bit of foraging before playing around with arranging them..


Let me know if there's any other good creative podcasts to listen to, you can pop it in the comments section or head over and find me on instagram