How to make flower seed favours

Hello! I thought I'd do a little DIY favour idea that is super easy but also lovely, I know flower seed favours are no new thing but I thought I would show you how you can do them on a budget and also give you a free download which might help adorn your lovely packets.

Simple flower seed favour DIY



As you can see I actually used Wilko's own brand flower seeds, I have info from a reliable source that even though they are lower down the price range of seeds they are just as good as some of the higher end brands. Also like I said I wanted to do an affordable idea and the packs will easily supply 3 favours each. It would be a sweet idea to use flower seeds of the flowers that are used for bouquets and in the venue to give it a more personal touch, I used sweet peas and dahlias as they are some of my favourites (would definitely be in my bouquet).


I lettered on to each mini recycled cotton envelope (which I got in a pack of 10 from paper chase) the name of the flower seed, I think it's nice to let people know what exactly you're suggesting they plant, as the packet won't be in the envelope. You could simply write the flower names on to each one or print out little stickers. 

Fill each envelope with a few seeds, as I said the packets are quite full from Wilko so should go far if you're making quite a few favours, Make sure you washi tape the envelopes and they are secure as you don't want pesky seeds escaping.

Now you can begin writing onto the larger envelopes ready for them to be filled with the mini seed packets.

Adding on the personal details of your day is a nice touch on the envelopes.

And voila, the cutest flower seed favours! I know you're probably eye rolling thinking 'it's not that easy to brush letter the envelopes' and I agree, trust me it's taken years for me to be able to write like that as if its just my hand writing. So I popped  the ''Let love grow'' lettering as a download below for you, you just need to pop in your email address and a clickable link will appear with your download. You are welcome to print it off and practice or use it to trace onto your envelopes.  If you're still not feeling confident I do offer calligraphy services so just pop me an email and we can have a chat about your ideas.