Wrap it up

Hello, it has been a busy few months at Olive & Bramble HQ. We have relocated to the beautiful New Forest and finding lots of new inspiration for new collections and bespoke designs. After lots of people seemed to love the previous post with the free brush lettering download I thought I would whip up another treat for you, especially if you're a soon to be Bride or Groom.


I spent this morning brush lettering different phrases that I thought would make a lovely wrapping paper design for you to give to your loved one and ''with all my heart'' seemed just perfect. I have designed it at A4 which will wrap small gifts such as jewellery, a small book or chocolates however if you have something bigger you can size it up to print at A3. It is the perfect design to give a loving touch to your wrapping and you can add ribbons and flowers, I think I have mentioned before I love dahlias and cosmos so thought I would pop them on to show on you can add some colour to the monochrome design and using flowers that are going to be included on the big day would be a lovely touch. 

If you're already married, perhaps engaged but not set the date or you just really flippin love someone then why not use the wrap to make a birthday, anniversary or valentines (if you're super organised) just that little bit more special. I printed the wrap you can see in these pictures using a normal printer on standard printer paper, you don't want to use paper that is any thicker than 100GSM else the paper will be too thick to fold and bend. I would just say use your normal printing paper. 

You just need to pop your email address below and you'll see the link to grab the design, if you have any problems pop me an email on info@oliveandbramble.com. I would love to see any presents that you wrap using it, tag me on instagram so I can have a peek! Enjoy...