How to make mini winter wreaths

I posted these simple wax flower wreaths on Instagram the other day and lots of people asked how they were made so I thought I'd pop a quick tutorial below. They are a perfect way to pretty up your place names and add a bit of a rustic touch to your big day... 

Wax flower place name DIY

Wreath place names


You will need: Wax flower, feathers, thistle, floristry wire, dried wheat, mini pegs & name tags. (We offer a bespoke lettering service where we can hand letter each of your place names, pop us an email if you'd like to chat about these) 

wreath step 1

Wax flowers are lovely to work with as they are so flexible you can bend them into a circular shape in whatever size suits you. If you want a more uniformed look for the wreaths you could always create the same size circles with wire and then wrap the wax flowers around them however I was happy to create these by eye.

Photo 19-11-2017, 12 08 55.jpg

You can secure the wreath as you go using the florist wire to wrap around the wax flower.

wreath step 2

Another great thing about wax flowers is they will dry out rather than just wilt and die meaning you can make these in advance without worrying that you'll have wilted wreaths on your hands.

wreath step 4

Add thistles, feathers and dried wheat using the same method as the wax flower. Simply twist the floristry wire round them to secure. You can then add each of the name tags by pegging them to the wreaths. 

finished wreath


The finished wreaths! Super simple and could be adapted to your theme using other foliage or flowers. I would love to know what you thought of this idea and if it's something you'd like to see more of...Come over and say hi on instagram @oliveandbramble or pop a comment below and if you have any questions you can email me