Inspired by florals

Whenever people ask me what I’m inspired by and I say nature, I feel as though it’s a bit of a broad answer, as its quite an obvious inspiration throughout my work. However the thing is, nature, especially foliage and flowers, really are an inspiration for all of my work, including the designs I create for Olive & Bramble.

Today I was talking to my friends about baby names as two of them are pregnant and I said ‘Oh I wish I was called Flossie, that’s what my mum calls me.’ She really does, and that’s because when I was a baby I had bright white super thick hair - very similar to the barnet I’m sporting these days actually - and she thought I looked like I had candy floss hair. Anyway, after mentioning this to my friends we found out that Flossie is a Latin baby name and means ‘The mythological Roman goddess of flowers’. Now I 100% wish that was my name! I'm one of those people who will happily buy themselves flowers once a week to brighten up my home and inspire me. If I'm working on a bespoke design which involves flowers I will do my best to source those specific blooms so I can really explore the colours and movements of the flower, that definitely sounds a like an excuse for constantly buying different bouquets but I promise its true.

Whilst the first three collections were based more around foliage and botanical greens, I'm looking forward to shooting the new floral collections next week. Because I can’t show you those yet I thought I would share some of my favourite floral arrangements I have put together recently. I’m no professional, I just love to play and experiment with arranging them and hope to take my passion further this year (watch this space).

A hand tied bouquet from a workshop day at Common Farm Flowers, would definitely recommend this workshop as a treat…

Common Farm flowers arrangement

My bouquet arrangement from the Bloom & Wild x Boden spring tour, loved this 1-hour workshop on the Boden bus…

Bloom and Wild Boden flowers

More bouquet practice for Mothers day…


I wouldn’t like to choose a favourite flower as I think it all depends on the circumstances but I do love giant dahlias, sweet peas, cosmos, ranuculus and wild daisies, all mixed with wild foliage of course. What’s your favourite flower, I’d love to know?