How to make flower petal confetti

It has been a busy first month for Olive and Bramble and I couldn't be happier painting and designing away. It has been lovely to work on a variety of themes from different couples and create stationery for their big days. It also gives me the perfect excuse to be constantly updating my (quite large) vase collection with gorgeous blooms and foliage for inspiration, which brings me to this quick tip for flowers past their time... Real petal confetti. Perfect for the big day and with this technique you don't need to wait weeks for them to dry out...

Petal Confetti


Once the flowers have begun to wilt you can gently pick the petals off, I used a mix of bright and paler colours here as I love the contrast of the yellow against the shades of pink but its totally up to you how many colours and variations in size you use.


petal confetti diy step2

You will then need to cover a microwavable plate with tissue, this stops the petals sticking to the plate when heated. Pop the petals onto the tissue ideally spacing them out to avoid them sticking to each other. Microwave for 1 minute before turning the petals over a microwaving for another minute, you will be able to see the petals drying out as they will start to brown.

petal confetti diy step3

And here's the finished result above, perfect dried petals in a couple of minutes. A great idea for some last minute confetti or if you are super organised you could start a couple of months before so you have thousands of beautifully dried petals for the big day. 

Let me know what you think, is it something you would try for your big day? Or come say hi over on instagram, I have been sharing lots of my floral and foliage inspiration over there and I am so excited to see lots of signs of spring on my morning walks with reggie, bring on the brighter evenings and spring florals!